Child Protection

The Child Protection programme is aimed at protecting children against abuse, exploitation and violence in their diverse forms and in all settings. Areas of focus include strengthening child protection systems, building capacity of child protection duty bearers; child rights awareness and advocacy for responsive laws as well as increasing access to quality services for preventing and responding to child abuse.


Schools and education systems can help by encouraging parents and children to enroll and attend. Having quality education can increase the likelihood of children finding paid work in adulthood, and taking part in organized activities can make it less likely that children will become involved in aggressive behavior or violence.


Under this program, Advocacy for Child Relief aims at working with other stakeholders such as Ministry of Health, district health officers; community based organisation and local communities to promote early childhood development and adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Uganda.


The ACR Internship Program is a volunteer program. Interns will primarily be involved in any of the following areas of interest and managing fundraising events. Additionally, to enable personal and professional development, interns will work in different departments of the organization.


ACR understand that useful research relies on high quality data. We bring decades of methodological experience and broad substantive expertise to all parts of the data collection process.