Strengthening Community-Based Child Protection systems

Strengthening Community-Based Child Protection systems

Project Overview

ACR puts children and communities at the Centre of its programs. As a child-centered community organization, ACR believes that engaging local communities in child protection lead to more relevant, appropriate and effective results. Traditionally not only the parents but also the wider family and community members are seen as the main caregivers of children in Uganda and they are usually also the first responders in an emergency situation. Girls and boys themselves also play an important role in protecting themselves and their peers. By strengthening the knowledge, skills, and capacities of both children and adults, key risks such as family separation, child labor, and violence against children can be prevented and eliminated more effectively. On a community level, ACR supports community-based child protection networks, such as local child protection groups, child, adolescent and youth clubs, and foster-care families.

The goal of the Program.

The purpose of the community-based approach to child protection is to empower communities to take charge of issues affecting children and to take action to prevent and respond to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children.

What We are Doing

Building and strengthening child protection structures at national, and local levels which include Probation and Social welfare officer at district level, child and family protection unit and local councils.

Building capacity of child protection committees to enable them to affect their duties in the child rights arena, provision of critical child rights-related information to facilitate advocacy activities and community policing.

Strengthening reporting, tracking, referral, and response on violence against children from local councils up to district level.


  • To increase community awareness of child protection risks and rights violations among the community.
  • To strengthen case management services for children.
  • To empower the community through the different Child Protection Committee initiatives.
  • To prevent and respond to child protection violations through reporting, tracking, referral, and response to violence against children