ACR held a capacity-building training for local leaders in the Mboira sub-county. The training included 3 representatives from the political wing, 2 district officials, 3 sub-county officials, and the 32 local leaders. The training came because of the increasing numbers of violence against children in the sub-county. The sub-county registered 323 teenage pregnancies in the space of 9 months during 2023. The training was aimed at increasing their knowledge of children’s rights and child protection. The objective of the training was to equip the local leaders with the necessary information needed to respond to violence against children in their area.  According to the government of Uganda, the local council system acts as the village courts where people go to get justice before forwarding the cases to police and civil courts hence the need to equip them with the knowledge required to perform their duties well especially when it comes to preventing and responding to violence against children. Local leaders were taken through child protection, child rights, referral pathways, and the legal framework. Under child protection we looked at the definition of the child, the guiding principles of child protection, and the different forms of violence. Under child rights, participants were taken through different rights especially, the right to education, the right to health, the right to survival, the right to participation, and the right to protection. Under the referral pathways, participants were taken through different support system structures like NGOs, hospitals, and police which perform a pivotal role in responding to violence against children. Participants also were taken through the Children ‘s Act 2012 under the constitution of Uganda. This included taking participants through different provisions of the constitution and the Children ‘s Act which protect children and the punishments to the offenders. Participants showed their commitment to working hard to prevent and respond to violence against children in their areas.

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