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Key Findings On Violence Against Children In Uganda

General Findings

(a) 3 in 4 young adults experienced some form of violence during childhood. (b) 1 in 3 young adults experienced at least 2 forms of violence (c) Half of all 18-24-year-old Ugandans believe it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife.

Sexual Violence

(a) Among 18-24-year-olds, 1 in 3 females (35%) and 1 in 6 males (17%) experienced sexual abuse during their childhood. (b) 1 in 4 young adults who experienced sexual abuse during childhood first experienced it at the age of 13 or younger. (c) Children who suffered sexual abuse experienced higher mental distress than children who didn’t.

Physical Violence

(a) The majority of young adults - 6 in 10 females (59%) and 7 in 10 males (68%) - experienced physical violence.<br /> (b) Among those who were subjected to physical violence by an adult, their first experience was nearly always committed by a teacher (94% for females and 86% for males)<br /> (c) 1 in 4 children missed school after experiencing physical violence

Emotional Violence

(a) Among 18-24-year-olds, 1 in 3 experienced some form of emotional or verbal violence during their childhood<br /> (b) The most common perpetrator of emotional or verbal violence was a child’s mother or<br /> stepmother (41% for females and 35% for males)

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Our Organization

Advocacy For Child Relief (ACR)

Advocacy for child relief (ACR) is an independent, nonpartisan, non-governmental organisation which is incorporated under the laws of Uganda. Founded by a group of young Ugandan children wellness activists and professionals in response to the ever-increasing vulnerability and poverty in children and families they live in. ACR is an organisation that passionately believes that every child has the right to survival, protection, education, and a right to have their voice heard so that they can live a meaningful and purposeful life.


Years Experience fighting for the rights of the marginalized children
Frank Kiyingi
Founder CEO
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Our Strategy

Governance And Leadership Structure

ACR’s governance and leadership is composed of three organs: The General Assembly, The Board of Directors, the Secretariat and the Stake Holders.

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The Board of Directors

The policy-making body of the organization is an incredible opportunity to make a significant impact. The team of 10 accomplished individuals has devoted itself to serving the public good. The Board of Directors helps shape policies with far-reaching benefits for the community. The Board works towards our shared vision of creating a society where children's rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled. ACR strives towards a better future for children.

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The Secretariat

This supports the board, oversees finances and coordinates fundraising efforts. They maintain records, ensure internal governance policies are followed, and act as a liaison between staff and the board for the mission's success at ACR.

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Stake Holders

These are groups with a vested interest in a company’s success, such as employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, government agencies, and the local community. Each group plays a unique role in achieving the organization’s goals. Employees implement strategies, customers provide feedback, shareholders invest, and suppliers provide resources. Government agencies regulate compliance with laws and regulations, and the local community has an interest in the organization’s impact on the environment and economy. Effective stakeholder management is crucial and requires strong communication and collaboration for success.

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Our Director


Kiyingi Frank is an educated, kind, and deeply compassionate individual who places an immense value on the rights of children. He has dedicated his entire life to ensuring that the lives of countless marginalized children are improved. Frank's education and unwavering belief in the inherent right of every child to happiness drive his tireless efforts to make a difference. Frank's commitment to the well-being of children is truly exceptional. He understands that children are the future and that their well-being is of paramount importance for the progress and prosperity of society as a whole. His relentless dedication to advocating for and protecting the rights of children is both admirable and inspiring. Frank's kindness and compassion are evident in every action he takes. He consistently goes above and beyond to provide support, guidance, and resources to children who are in need. His selflessness and genuine concern for the welfare of these young lives are a testament to his character and the positive impact he is making in the world. In a world where the rights of children are sometimes overlooked, Frank stands as a beacon of hope and a strong advocate for change. His passion for ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience happiness and fulfillment is a powerful force for good, and his work serves as an example for others to follow. Kiyingi Frank's dedication to improving the lives of marginalized children is a reminder that one person can make a significant difference. His actions speak volumes about the importance of valuing and protecting the rights of children, and he serves as an inspiration to all who believe in a brighter future for every child.

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